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Toothy Saber Podcast
Come for the Apple talk, stay for the silliness
Category: Technology
This is a podcast about technology mostly focused on Apple, with the occasional episode covering other topics.
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by Luís Queiró...
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December 15, 2017 04:37 AM PST

The inside story on the Toothy Saber AirPods review. How we did it, dealt with equipment restrictions and lessons learned. Diogo also has brand new AirPods and compares them to the Beats X. Chrismas is coming, and Diogo is going to be Batman to entertain the kids in the hospital, or so he says. I think he just wants an excuse to rappel a wall dressed as the dark knight. I can't judge him because I would love to go as Captain America even without the dramatic entry. Don't miss the premiere of Toothy Bites on the podcast. 

Show Notes

Music: The Wonder by Dave Deeper

Photo via Apple
November 30, 2017 03:58 AM PST

Yes its true, the iPhone X has the best display on any mobile phone available today (manufactured by Samsung). The X delights, but for some people, the transition has some difficulties, especially if you coming from an android phone. We talk about the qualities of the display and discuss tradeoffs between sizes and form factors. It wouldn't be a TSP episode without a little photography, and Diogo explains why the dual cameras in the iPhone X may be better than the iPhone 8 in certain conditions.

Show Notes

Music: The Wonder by Dave Deeper

November 15, 2017 10:18 AM PST

Diogo's iPhone 6S has some iOS 11 woes, but my SE is performing well. On the topic of iOS 11, the new notification and control center improved my user experience on the iPhone considerably, but I'm missing the 3D touch and haptic feedback. How I started using Opera to run away from IE but converted to Firefox in 2004 and got addicted to tabs and extensions. As you can imagine this lead us to a discussion on browsers and we found out that there are things we like in all of them. To wrap up the episode, we talk about a new G series Canon, and according to Diogo, the only flaw is the price. My apologies for the audio quality in some parts of the recording, we don't know what happened there.

Show Notes

Music: The Wonder by Dave Deeper

November 06, 2017 03:47 PM PST

A short emergency podcast because Diogo couldn't wait to share this news with our listeners. Intel made a CPU with a  Radeon GPU together in one package, and we can hardly believe it. Sometimes hell really freezes. Just a few weeks before the launch of the new iMac Pro it seems likely that it will use similar technology. To make our day even better, DisplayMate published an analysis of the display of the iPhone X, and it's excellent

Show Notes

Music: The Wonder by Dave Deeper

Photo via Intel

November 06, 2017 08:28 AM PST

The iPhone X is available, and the first reviews are out. In this episode, we focus on some of the elements that make this iPhone special and reflect on what they mean for users and the future of the iPhone. The software is not quite ready for the new superstar and iOS may need a few more updates before you can thoroughly enjoy your new phone. However, the future looks bright, and a new acquisition from Apple hints at new video and photographic capabilities for future devices.

Show Notes

Music: The Wonder by Dave Deeper

Photo: Apple

October 20, 2017 08:29 AM PDT

A recent Apple acquisition provides a glimpse of upcoming improvements to Apple Photos. Google is arguably ahead with its photos service for now, but Apple users may not have to wait long for similar capabilities. HDR photography is standard on the iPhone 8 and photo stitching software does excellent panoramas. We talk about space exploration, Nasa and SpaceX plan to go to Mars using a fully reusable rocket. The dilemma of teleportation and spoilers for The Prestige. Joins us to go where some men already have gone before. 

Show Notes

Music: The Wonder by Dave Deeper

Photo: SpaceX

October 09, 2017 10:40 AM PDT

I guess the title says it all, in this episode, we talk about phone photography. We recall back in the days of terrible pictures on feature phones and the rapid evolution in last few years. The iPhone, in particular, has significant improvements year to year and is becoming a handy camera that may not replace a photographer DSLR but just might be good enough for the rest of us. Comparing a traditional DSLR to a mirrorless camera like the FUJI X-T2, highlighting the differences in video quality. We threw in a bit of GoPro and are very optimistic about the future of video and photography on the iPhone, but you will have to listen to find out why.

Show notes: Toothy Saber

Music: The Wonder by Dave Deeper

September 24, 2017 12:49 PM PDT

Another special episode because we have a guest. He was the first person that sent us to feedback, and as a reward, we invited him on the show. We talk about the new iPhones, our expectations for the next year, and yes, we are still talking about the name and the notch. Also, phone sizes, losing the home button and contemplating the end of physical buttons. Is Siri the future of the iPhone interface? We've been using the iOS11 beta for a week and address changes we like and bugs we found. Diogo has a passion for backups (we think it's weird too), but I keep losing files, so I cant criticise. Our guest tells us his history with macs, and we end up wanting Face ID on the mac, better notifications and talk about overblown Apple fails. 

Show notes: Toothy Saber

Music: The Wonder by Dave Deeper

September 13, 2017 05:18 AM PDT

The Apple Event is that time of the year when they give you an excellent presentation designed to show you their new hardware. It's a 2h marketing campaign, and it usually works, mainly because it's not just hype and the products are good. This one was one of their best and very effective, at least for us; we got lost in Apple time and are convinced. They introduced a lot of buzzwords, but the new features seem substantial. We got a new Apple Watch with cellular, an updated Apple TV and of course three new iPhones. They are new and shiny, and I mean this literally if you kept the eclipse glasses you might want to use them. The leaks revealed plenty but watching the demonstration is another thing entirely. Hardware and software working together to amaze you. If you use emoji, you are going to love animated emoji, and if you don't use it, you may just start. Furthermore, it's selfie heaven if that's your thing, and if you like photography, I don't even know what to tell you. Just when you think it can't get much better, they prove you wrong. The iPhone X (not an ex but 10) is everything we expected and more, but the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus are worthy contenders and hold their ground.

Show notes: Toothy Saber 

Music: The Wonder by Dave Deeper

Photo: Chevanon

September 11, 2017 02:23 AM PDT

Why Jeff Cannata is right, and you should not watch trailers before the movie, except for Suicide Squad, Prometheus and Alien Covenant. For these, you should only watch the trailer. A Segway is a Segway even when it's not a Segway. And of course lots of predictions on the 2017 September Apple Keynote (recorded before the leaks). We had dinner; we had drinks, we recorded a podcast. Was it the right way to go? Listen to us, find out and let us know.

Music: The Wonder by Dave Deeper

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